Finding The Most Cost-Effective Digital X-Ray

There are many clinics that would love to transition from conventional X-ray equipment to digital X-ray equipment. By upgrading your equipment and becoming more efficient, you'll be able to spend more time with your customers and improve the overall experience. However, they might be delaying because they have not found an acceptable price point. The great news is that there are many X-ray equipment options that are very affordable and that will also help you produce great X-ray images. Read More 

Consider Buying A Portable Defibrillator For Your Office Building To Help Save A Life

Early emergency treatment can mean the difference between survival and death when someone has a heart attack. While it's important to call 911 immediately when someone in your office collapses, starting CPR and using a defibrillator when necessary could save the person's life by starting treatment before the ambulance arrives. Here are some things to know about having a portable defibrillator in your office building. Train Your Staff In CPR And Defibrillator Use Read More 

Precautions For All Pharmacy Technicians Working In A CSTD Pharmacy

A CSTD is a "closed system drug transfer device." It is a means of delivering medication directly into the body and avoiding any and all possible contamination because the patient may have a weakened immune system and/or has cancer. As a pharmacy technician working in a CSTD pharmacy for the first time, there are a few precautions you need to follow when you are starting work in this type of pharmacy. Read More 

3 Questions To Have Answered Before Selling Your Extra Diabetes Test Strips For Cash

Don't throw away those unused diabetes test strips that you don't need anymore. You can sell them for cash to a company that will provide them to others who need them. Here are a few questions you should have answered before selling your extra diabetes test strips: What Are the Expiration Requirements? If your extra diabetes test strips have an expiration date, it's important to find out whether there are any expiration requirements to worry about before you agree to selling them. Read More