Finding The Most Cost-Effective Digital X-Ray

There are many clinics that would love to transition from conventional X-ray equipment to digital X-ray equipment. By upgrading your equipment and becoming more efficient, you'll be able to spend more time with your customers and improve the overall experience. However, they might be delaying because they have not found an acceptable price point. The great news is that there are many X-ray equipment options that are very affordable and that will also help you produce great X-ray images.

Consider Your Needs

To make sure that you're not spending unnecessary money on digital X-ray equipment, assess your needs. For example, take into consideration whether you have a general practice or a mixed practice. There are features that may be wholly unnecessary for your clinic and that would simply inflate the price of the equipment. Better radiography equipment will improve your productivity, reduce paperwork, reduce the amount of space needed and also reduce the number of chemicals you'll have to work with. 

Find the Right Equipment for Your Business

To find the right digital X-ray equipment for your business, make sure that the X-ray representative understands your business. Make sure that they understand what your business is seeking to accomplish and what budgetary constraints you are under. 

Know What Patient Volume to Expect

Understand the typical patient volume you can expect. For medium-sized or large hospitals, you'll definitely want to use a digital X-ray. For smaller hospitals, you may not have such a large volume to where you have to worry about disorganized files that are difficult to access. Larger hospitals often need to have files sent to and from multiple specialists. 

One of the most cost-effective ways to implement digital X-rays is to retrofit an analog X-ray with a flat panel detector. These type of X-ray systems eliminate cassettes and perfect the quality of images. You are able to improve upon the X-ray room that already exists, but you don't have to remove large pieces of equipment. 

When choosing a detector, you may either use a fixed detector or a wireless one. The fixed detector is found inside the chest of the already existing system. This is often used for chiropractic X-ray rooms. A wireless detector, on the other hand, relies on a battery. These are the best for facilities that see a large volume of patients. Even if your facility is not very large, you will need to take into consideration growth you may see in the future.