3 Questions To Have Answered Before Selling Your Extra Diabetes Test Strips For Cash

Don't throw away those unused diabetes test strips that you don't need anymore. You can sell them for cash to a company that will provide them to others who need them. Here are a few questions you should have answered before selling your extra diabetes test strips:

What Are the Expiration Requirements?

If your extra diabetes test strips have an expiration date, it's important to find out whether there are any expiration requirements to worry about before you agree to selling them. While some companies won't take any strips that have an expiration date, many of them are willing to do so but likely have some requirements and restrictions to follow.

But those requirements and restrictions could greatly vary, with one company accepting strips that don't expire for at least a year and others taking strips that expire within just a few months. So you should ask the company you consider working with to provide you with their requirements in writing.

How Should the Test Strips Be Delivered?

It's also a good idea to find out how you'll be expected to deliver your extra diabetes test strips after you agree to sell them to a particular company. Is there a local facility where you can drop them off in person, or will you have to mail them to the company?

And if you have to mail them, will the company provide you with packaging and pay the shipping costs or will you have to handle it all? And how will the strips be tracked if they're sent through the mail? You should be notified as soon as the company receives the strips that you send them.

What Happens When the Strips are Received?

As long as your extra diabetes test strips are unused, properly packaged, and meet the expiration requirements of the company you'll be selling them to, there shouldn't be a reason that they would be rejected. But even if you expect that your strips meet the company's requirements and will be readily accepted, it's a good idea to find out what would happen if the strips aren't accepted for some reason when all is said and done.

Will the strips be sent back to you or will they be disposed of? You should also find out how the payment process works when your test strips are accepted by the company. How long will it take before your payment will be made, and how will the payment be made? Will you have to fill out any special paperwork to request your payment, or will it automatically be sent to you?

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